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SLCP (Social Labor Convergence Program) is a program specific to apparel and footwear sectors.

SLCP stakeholders also include manufacturers, established brands, local retailers, consultants, industry associations, various types of agents, government observers etc. SLCP also provide tools to have accurate data in a global supply chain related to apparel and footwear. Currently SLCP has over 200 signatories.

The Converged Assessment Framework is jointly managed by the SLCP signatories. The steps for this verification typically required Data Collection to be verified through the Verification Protocol and Verifier Guidance. The resultant verified assessment is shared through an established norm of SLCP distribution gateway.

Global Assurance will be assisting its clients to help improve working conditions of the workers in apparel and footwear industries and related supply chains through SLCP Verification programs.

SLCP Verification

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