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The timeline of any certification depends on the type of Certification required. The Client requirement is assigned to a dedicated, qualified, and experienced resource that evaluate the targeted requirements minutely. Our experts then engage with the Client relevant teams and chalk out a plan for required certifications / verifications.

After agreeing to implementation of a Standard, the timeline and budgets are finalized. The relevant Certification authority documentation requirements are shared with the Client and work is done according to an agreed Schedule.

All steps required for Certification / Verification are documented and adhered to step by step. Each Certification has different mode and procedure, and timeline varies according to the required Certification from few days to many weeks.

The modern business at international level is dependent on many types of globally recognized Certifications / Verifications. Exports to many countries require certain certifications. After proper guidance by Global Standards Assurance (GSA), our clients get certified by relevant certification authority like ISO. 

By going through GSA, which itself goes through accreditation process, our clients are in safe hands and can fulfil Citification needs with complete confidence.  

GSA is also accredited with ASCB.

The end result of getting Certified / Verified for any required specific standard enhance chances of doing business globally for our clients.

The associated cost for any Certification depends on what type of services are required. Global Standards Assurance (GSA) experts evaluate the request of the Client for required certification and the efforts involved. 

At GSA we put up financial proposal on a task basis with no hidden costs. The pricing once agreed with Terms and Conditions shall remain the same through the period of task delivery.

In some cases, there is a Certification cycle. If an organizations opts for a Certification cycle GSA will submit proposal accordingly to be agreed mutually with the Client with budget and timelines. These cycles may include Recertification and Surveillance audit as well.

Global Standards Assurance (GSA) is your trusted partner. 

Our services will help you in getting required standard Certification in a very professional manner within agreed times lines and budget.

By choosing GSA you will be having a one-window solution where all your needs about the Certification  will be taken care of. 

Our costing is very competitive, and our global footprint assures a high quality on-the-spot delivery.

Moreover, for Rectification or Surveillance Audits our professional team is there to assist in achieving the desired target smoothly.

Apart for the required Certification / Verifications, Global Standards Assurance (GSA) can help to best advise you on different needs in the field of social compliance and audit. A proper road map can also be chalked out in line with any expansion / future plan of a client. 

GSA can guide a client for needs of any future business related to any required Certifications.

In certain cases, GSA may offer some discounted packages for spread-out payments on monthly or quarterly basis to help organizations manage their cash flows.

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