Global Standards Assurance (GSA)

ISO 9001

Quality Management


Certification decisions will be based on following certification procedure as described below;

Global Standards Assurance (GSA) will ensure that the persons or committees that make the decisions for granting or refusing certification, expanding, or reducing the scope of certification, suspending or restoring certification, withdrawing certification or renewing certification are different from those who carried out the audits. The individual(s) appointed to conduct the certification decision shall have appropriate competence.

The person(s), excluding members of committees assigned by the GSA to make a certification decision are employed by, under legally enforceable arrangement. If any entity under the organizational control of GSA, it should be one of the following:

  • Whole or majority ownership of another entity by GSA.
  • Majority participation by GSA on board of directors of another entity.
  • A documented authority by GSA over another entity in a network of legal entities (in which GSA resides), linked by ownership or board of director control.

The persons employed by, or under contract with, entities under organizational control of GSA should fulfil the same requirements of ISO/IEC 17021 as persons employed by, or under contract with CB. GSA will record each certification decision, including any additional information or clarifications sought from the audit team or other sources. Actions prior to making a decision: GSA has a process to conduct an effective review prior to making decision for granting a certification, expanding or reducing, the scope of certification, renewing, suspending or restoring, or withdrawing of certification, including, that.

  • The information provided by the audit team is sufficient with respect to the certification requirements and the scope for certification.
  • For any major nonconformities, it has reviewed, accepted, and verified the correction and corrective actions.
  • For any minor nonconformity, it has reviewed and accepted the client’s plan for correction and corrective action.
  • Information for Granting Initial Certification.

The information provided by the audit team to GSA for the certification decision will include, as a minimum:

  • The audit reports should include.
  • Comments on the nonconformities and, where applicable, the correction and corrective actions taken by the client.
  • Confirmation of the information provided to GSA used in the application review.
  • Confirmation that the audit objectives have been achieved.
  • A recommendation whether to grant certification, together with any conditions or observations.

If GSA is not able to verify the implementation of corrections and corrective actions of any major nonconformity within 6 months after the last day of stage 2, GSA should conduct another stage 2 prior to recommending certification.

When a transfer of certification is envisaged from another certification body, GSA has the process for obtaining sufficient information to take a decision on certification, depending upon the specific rules regarding the transfer of certification given under specific certification schemes.

Information for granting recertification:
GSA will make decisions on renewing certification based on the results of the recertification audit, as well as the results of the review of the system over the period of the certification and complaints received from the users of the certification.

Maintaining certification:
GSA will maintain certification based on demonstrating that the client continues to satisfy the requirements of the management system standard. GSA possibly will maintain a client’s certification based on a positive conclusion by the audit team leader without further independent review, if:

I. For any major nonconformity or other situation that may lead to suspension or withdrawal of certification, GSA has a system that requires the audit team leader to report to CB, the need to initiate a review by competent personnel different from those who carried out the audit, to determine whether certification can be maintained, and

II. Competent personnel of GSA monitor its surveillance an activity, including monitoring the reporting by its auditors, to confirm that the certification activity is operating effectively.

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