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Importers across the world constantly worry about the quality of products that they order to their manufacturer that can be thousands of miles away. In recent times the social aspect has taken a very serious role and manufacturers may even face bans if not following to such standards or procedures. Factory Assessment help in such scenario as its covers environmental and ethical production conditions within a factory.

Global Standards Assurance (GSA) will be assisting its clients with ‘on the spot’ assessment of its agreed factory premises selected for required assessment.

Possessing professional experience and expertise, GSA will be helping its clients to have Factory Assessment done without presence of Clients representative at selected Factory location.

The most widely used Factory Assessment may include auditing a factory QMS as per ISO 9001 standard for the selected departments of the factory as well as to assess the conformity of the products / services against the specifications of the standards and rules of the certifications.

Factory Assessment

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