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iso 9001

Why ISO 9001 with GSA?

Grow your Business with ISO Standards & Get ISO 9001 Certification At Your Fingertips Because Assurance Matters

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Global Standards Assurance (GSA) operates as a trade name for GS Assurance Ltd., which is administered by a team of exceptionally talented experts. These individuals have earned significant recognition and respect in the field of management system certifications, inspection, product certification, social audits, training, and offering comprehensive guidance on various certification standards.

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Global Standards Assurance have over years of experience in consulting and auditing nationwide with a wealth of business experience.

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Global Standards Assurance mainly focus on making ISO certification straightforward and relevant to your business to grow online

How does this work?

Reviewing your business to get right ISO Certifications

Reviewing your current arrangements in comparison to the clauses of the standard will be the first step, indicating any gaps and outlining what has to be done to become certified. We can carry out this gap analysis for you and give you the help and training you need to implement the recommended measures.

Actions Required
for Standards

a system for infrastructure and equipment upkeep, a procedure for handling product defects and rework, Internal vigilance meetings and reviews to assess progress and choose the best course of action keeping the workplace clean, especially if it is a sterile atmosphere collaborating with vendors

Be ISO Certified

Stage one examines the layout, components, and components of your quality management system, while Stage two looks for proof that it is operating efficiently. The time between the stage one and stage two audits can range up to many months, but if everything has been set up correctly, it may only be a few weeks.

iso 9001

Benefits of ISO 9001 Certifications

Any size, sector, or location of business can use ISO 9001. It offers scalable systems that are suitable for both large global brands and small enterprises with 2 to 10 employees. The assurance that you won't put clients or consumers at risk comes from having ISO 9001 certification. Making ensuring your products are consistently of a high standard for your customers will be made easier with training on how to implement, maintain, and improve your QMS. Additionally, it will give you a foundation for understanding your main risks and creating management plans for them. In order to be sure that their supply chain adheres to the same standards as their own, customers having their own ISO 9001 certification frequently look for suppliers with this accreditation.

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